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The R.E. Hunt Museum and Cultural Center, Inc.,  is located in the rear of the Old Hunt High School Building in Columbus, Mississippi.  We are housed in the former Fine Arts Building.

This museum and cultural center is dedicated to collecting, preserving, interpreting and celebrating the history and heritage of African Americans in Columbus and Lowndes County.  Emphasis is placed on R. E. Hunt High School and its impact on surrounding communities.

We house a collection of artifacts depicting the lives, physical strength and mental fortitude of African Americans as they faced adversities and persevered.

Hornet3The R. E. Hunt Museum and Cultural Center, Inc., is located at 924- 20th Street North.  Destination signs are located on Seventh and Fourteenth Avenues North. The museum is equipped with a handicapped ramp and wheelchairs are available if needed.  This is a smoke-free and weapon-free building.

No food or drink is permitted except in the designated areas.

Parking is at the front of the building.


Presently we are open each Tuesday from 1:00 – 5:00 pm

One may also call for an appointment.


There is no admission, but donations will be accepted and appreciated.  We are 501 (c) 3 institution.


We have permanently displayed composite pictures of graduating classes from both Union Academy and Hunt High Schools, pictures of early educators, and business and professionals.  Also displayed are pictures of graduating students from Lowndes County’s Elementary Schools.

Hornet3Space is available to host events. Our goal is to enhance the public knowledge of the unique history of this area and to provide and avenue for all citizens to be active participants in this endeavor.  Therefore we will permit other non-profit organizations to meet or have events in our facilities. All events and meetings are expected to harmonize with our character and with our mission.  Events may not cause any hardship to the museum and it’s collections, exhibits, facilities or committee members.  An application form must be submitted within a week of the verbal reservation to assure your date is on the calendar. This application form is available at the museum office. The sponsor of the event must be sure that the area of the meeting/event is left in the condition it was in prior to the event.  Smoking and alcohol is not allowed.  Eating and drinking is permitted in the Annie Will Harris reception area only.  No museum exhibits are to be moved, or pieces added without permission from one of the curators. If the event will include a tour of the museum a museum curator will assist.

No fundraising events unless prior approval by the Executive Committee.  We will accept and appreciate a donation for use of the facilities.


  • January                    Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration
  • February                  Black History programs and film presentations
  • March                       Women’s History Month
  • April                          Poetry and spoken word month
  • May                           Graduation, Eighth of May Celebration and Mother’s Day
  • June                           Juneteenth
  • July                            Class and Family Reunions
  • August                      Class and Family Reunions
  • September               Class and Family Reunions, Grandparents Day
  • October                    Union Academy/Hunt School Reunion
  • November                Veteran’s Day ( Focusing on the Viet-Nam War)
  • December                Christmas and Kwanzza Celebrations

Presently we have Tee Shirts, Caps, Ball Point Pens and Bottle Water for sale.

  • Hornet3Johnny Johnson, President
  • Marjorie Watkins Carter, Vice President
  • Laverne Greene Leech, Secretary
  • Marilyn Hairston, Assistant and Financial Secretary
  • Robert E. Smith, Treasurer
  • Ira C. LaNier, History Writer and Special Contributor
  • Susie Colvin Shelton, Historian/Public Relations
  • L A Gandy, Webmaster
  • Jerry Turner
  • Susie Colvin Shelton
  • George Irby
  • Mattee Turner Cox
  • Janice Spann Butler
  • Vivian Simmons Irby
  • Berenice Dixon
  • Greg Lewis
  • Thomas Lee
  • Sam Williams
  • Lena Granderson
  • Annette Savors
  • Ann White
  • Charlie Bennette